English Courses

Active Learners 互動唱遊班

Ages 1.5 - 3


Our playgroup offers toddlers an early start to linguistic learning while developing their social, sensory, motor and cognitive skills via stimulating and fun activities.



• Stories and Games 故事和遊戲

• Sensory play for toddlers 感官訓練
• Songs and Rhymes 唱遊和音樂
• Speaking and Listening 說話和聆聽
• Crafts 手工

Young Scientist 小小科學家

K3 - P4


A fun innovative course which has been designed to teach general science knowledge. Students use applied logic and critical thinking through a variety of creative activities. 
Engaging in safe and interactive experiments with a native English teacher, will broaden students' scientific knowledge and advance their English vocabulary. 


• Science Experiments 科學小實驗
• ‘STEM’ Approach ‘STEM’教學
• Widen Vocabulary Base擴展詞彙基礎


Primary Interview Class 小學面試班

K2 - K3


This course provides students with verbal and visual guidance to improve their presentation skills at a primary interview stage. It encourages students to think and speak for themselves independently, without using predetermined answers. It also focuses on establishing the etiquette and procedures of the interview environment.



• Basic Topics - Describe pictures, Situation questions etc 基本項目-描述圖片,處境, 自我認知
• General Knowledge - Society 時事通識-日常生活,社會
• Ability Training - Observation, Concentration and Communication 能力訓練-觀察力,專注力,溝通能力

Active English 互動英語班

K1 - K3


Through a variety of fun and inspiring learning activities, this course aims to develop the students’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills simultaneously.




• Story-time 故事時間
• Music and songs 音樂和唱遊
• Oral skills 會話訓練
• Writing 寫字練習(K1&2)/寫作(K3)
• Phonics 拼音


Phonics and Reading 拼音和閱讀理解

K1 - P2


This highly stimulating course aims to strengthen the student’s phonics and reading skills, encourage reading and improve their spelling ability. In addition to the specially designed storybooks, teachers will support learning through various phonics-focused games and activities. 



• Sound blending 拼讀
• Pronunciation 發音
• Segmentation 拆解拼音
• Phonics-focused activities 拼音為主的活動


Young Writer 小小作家

P1 - P6

Catering to both local and international school students, this course aims to improve their competence in reading, writing and all aspects of literacy-related skills.



• Encourage Speaking 鼓勵學生多說話
• Build Vocabulary and Grammar Knowledge 加強詞彙和文法知識
• Improve Writing Skills  改善寫作技巧
• Encourage Reading 鼓勵學生多閱讀



Active Speaker 互動會話班

P1 - P4

The interactive speaking class aims to improve students' communication skills through speech-development and interactive activities. The class focuses on advancing students' confidence in situational conversation.




• 具創意性和有趣的題目 Innovative and Exciting Topics   
•  增加學生的詞彙 Expand Students’  Vocabulary     
•  增加信心和流暢度 Build Fluency and Confidence 
•  個人演講、小組討論、辯論(P3以上) Individual Presentations, Group Discussion, Debates (P3+)



Liberal Studies 通識課程

S1 - S4

Designed especially for secondary level students; this course aims to help students build a strong foundation in English, widen their general knowledge and cultivate their critical thinking skills.



• Build students’ oral, listening, reading and essay writing skills 

• Encourage current affairs discussion, debate and critical thinking 

• Practice exam skills 練習考試技巧

Cambridge YLE Exam Preparation 劍橋英語YLE考試

Starters, Movers, Flyers, K.E.T., P.E.T., F.C.E, C.A.E and more

This course aims to maximise the student’s success with the internationally-recognised examination. Students will strengthen their KEY English skills by practising in speaking, writing, reading and listening.

此課程旨在透過參加此國際性認可的考試為學生取得成功感。學生透過鍛練聆聽, 閱讀, 寫作和會話技巧時去鞏固自己的英語基礎。

• Provide full mock exams for student to familiarise with exam material 

• Facilitate with official materials published by Cambridge University Press 


Trinity GESE Speaking Exam 聖三一口語考試

Grade 1 to 12

This course suitable for students who are learning English as a foreign language and to test their listening and speaking abilities with world-wide exam. This course will help students to build up confidence on their speaking and social skills.



• Total 15 lessons 全課程共15堂
• Complete focus on speaking 全面集中在英語會話

English Drama 英語話劇

4 to 10 years old

This course will take student’s imagination and confidence to exciting places. Student’s speaking skills will be refined through group, voice and solo character work. Students will learn the meaning and functions of drama and will be able to apply this to real life.


• Confidence 自信心
• Drama play 話劇表演
• Speaking Skills 說話技巧
• Group work 小組活動