Summer Mandarin Courses

Speaking and Storytelling 會話和故事班

Ages 3 - 8


• Focus on speaking and listening 專注在說話和聆聽
• Recognition of Chinese vocabularies 寫字和認字的元素
• Build up a solid foundation on speaking Mandarin 幫助學生鞏固普通話的基礎
• Storytelling, games and songs 故事、遊戲、唱歌

GAPSK Exam 普通話水平考試

This course aims to test student’s listening and speaking ability through games and activities approach in the exam. The length of the course is about 20 to 24 weeks.




幼稚園 - 初級、中級、高級


 - 初小組別(小一至小三)
 - 高小組別(小四至小六)
 - 中學組別(中一至中三)